SANDSTONE “Delta Viridian”

”Delta Viridian”
I have nothing interesting to write about sandstones. I know that it is a rather fragile material to build houses from but that it pretty much it. What the band SANDSTONE is about is a good a guess as any. I have not come in contact with them previously so I have no idea what to expect. “Resistance is futile”. There is a Star Trek-y feel to this lot. An exploration-of-the-outer-space kind of feeling. I like sci-fi and have no problem with that whole imagery. SANDSTONE might not take me deep into space but at least we get a bit on the way. There is a slight Queensryche feel to the music that I like. We are talking “Operation: Mindcrime” Queensryche. I have to admit that this surprised me much more than I had expected. This isn’t too bad at all. I could see myself listening to this again… and again. Anders Ekdahl

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