Sanguine – “Black Sheep”


Sanguine – “Black Sheep” (Odyssey Music)

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If Skunk Anansie were the band of their genre in the 90s, then Sanguine have what it takes to do the same in this day and age! Also fronted by a fiery femme with power shredding vocals in Tarin Kerrey (who’s already provided vocals for Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith in Primal Rock Rebellion), Sanguine fit their blood red definition in being a full on – and I mean full on – mix of punk, metal and rock – and always heavy! The sheer volume on this album is a shockingly loud and everyone is clearly playing it to the max, be it Nick Magee’s raw n rabid guitar or Matt Feld’s hard hitting drums like on the aptly titled wild opener ‘Breaking Out’ or the raging groove of ‘Social Decay’ topped off by some dual shout outs n roars from Kerrey n Magee. Formed while at still uni, the cerebral and artistic flair of the band is brilliantly depicted in the contrast of their quieter and more emotional material like ‘Breathe Out’ (co-written with none other than Jesper Strömblad!) where Ross Andrew’s deep bass adds to the mood. Fantastic music, with standout joie de vivre performances – I can clearly see this appealing to anyone from goths to punks to metallers and of course rockers who yearn for a band somewhere in between Skunk Anansie and the fearsome beast of Die So Fluid. Having already rocked at Download, supported Megadeth, and played showcase gigs in LA and Japan, Sanguine are gonna be nothing short of huge!

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