SANKTUARY “Something Fierce”

”Something Fierce”
(Spread The Metal)
I have no idea what this Canadian band thought when they picked their band name. As with retired hockey jerseys there should be a policy to not pick a name that is so closely connected with another band no matter the spelling. Sanctuary for me is a Seattle band, period. All other are paddling so far up the creek that it doesn’t even begin to describe it. With that said. This Canadian band might have recorded the album of the year. I have no idea what influence growing up in the Yukon district of Canada has on your metal but this lot don’t seem to have been too badly affected by the isolation. There is a classic metal sound to this band that made me think of Judas Priest gone thrash by Megadeth. So if you can look beyond the band name you will find one fine slab of metal played with conviction. Anders Ekdahl

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