SANNHET “Known Flood”

”Known Flood”
SANNHET is the truth in Norwegian (and perhaps Danish too). Naming your band that is a pretty bold step. If you don’t play it true you’ll end up with a name that is a burden. Don’t know how true this band is but I guess I’m about to find out. What I like about USBM is that even though it is being bundled up as one entity it is in fact so diverse in sound that each band in itself could be a whole subgenre. SANNHET are no exception. OK, they got that Wolves In The Throne Room lingering feel but so does a whole host of other USBM bands and they all do it well enough to stand out on their own. This is the kind of black metal that requires you to have a long attention span. I’m not know to be the most patient person in the world but I somehow sit here fascinated by the sound that SANNHET created. Anders Ekdahl

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