SANTA CRUZ “Katharsis”


Battle Helm Rating

To be quite honest I don’t remember what SANTA CRUZ previous album sounds like. I know, it is bad but with so many albums coming my way some are bound to be forgotten. I cannot tell if I like it or not. I cannot even remember if I’ve seen them live or if it was my friend that did see them. But what I can tell you is that they do not sound the way I imagined that they would sound like. I thought that this was gonna be much of a glam/sleaze band along the lines of Dogs’Damour, Riot Horse and those kinda bands. But this is much more tough than that. In a way they remind me of the Swedish band Shotgun Messiah. They started out as Kingpin and played glam, then they moved to the states and change/ name and added a harder edge. I have to say that this album really surprised me. It is good stuff. It is heavy, has an attitude yet maintaining a melodic edge. Anders Ekdahl

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