Sapata – “Satanibator”

Sapata – “Satanibator” (Inverse Records)

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Sapata is a dark stoner rock band from Finland formerly known as Satanibator which coincidentally(?) is the name of this astounding debut! Formed only 3 years ago, the stunning compositions and high caliber musicianship conspire to produce some of the best dark stoner I’ve heard this year, although very little seems to be known about this band. With Saara Šamane fronting with her serene femme vocals the music doesn’t follow the conventional rolling hippy moves, but walks in the ancient circles of pagan darkness already journeyed by the likes of Year Of The Goat in the dexterous guitar driven trip of ‘Styx’ and Alunah on the powering doom spirituality of ‘Death Depression Life’. Add in a fair amount of dark groove and even aspects of Danzig might be a worthwhile comparison on ‘I Am The Messenger’ with its testosterone fueled guitar and dark clanging melodies contrasting vividly with Šamane’s suave vocals that have more than a hint of Siouxsie Sioux punk goth in them, especially on ‘Sex Magic’. A very impressive release indeed with catchy but dark compositions reeking of class and sophistication – I need more of this!

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