SAPIENCY “Tomorrow”

Right about now I could do with a really cool death metal album. Hopefully SAPIENCY can help me with that. If not I’ll settle for a blast of a thrash album. I really need something to cleanse my ears. But whatever this turns out to be I just hope that it will be a satisfying ride. I have honestly no idea what modern metal is all about. I don’t understand the term. SAPIENCY To me sounds like a harder In Flames. You get the melodic death metal parts mixed with the clean vocals bits. Kinda like Sonic Syndicate. But perhaps that is what modern metal is all about. Taking bits’n’pieces and puzzle it all together to make it a whole. My biggest issue with this kind of metal is that is has a tendencies to be samey. You kinda hear the same song ten times over with just minor variations. This too has that tendencies but thankfully it isn’t too bad. Anders Ekdahl

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