SARATAN “Martya Xwar”

“Martya Xwar”
The polish metal scene seems to be in better health than it ever been before. Don’t know if that is because of Behemoth’s success or if it is just a generation thing. Whatever the reason might be I for one is a pleased metalhead. Saratan is my latest discovery from the Polish metal scene. This isn’t as extreme as some other bands that I’ve heard lately which makes this somewhat of a fresh breath of air. This is more along the lines of thrash metal with some death metal thrown in for good measures. Or is it the other way around. Whatever description you like to use you’ll come up with the same result. This is mid-paced and heavy. Somehow it makes me think of a death metal version of The Haunted. The heavy, slowish tempo mixed with the aggressive approach makes this a good extreme metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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