Sarcofago – “Die…Hard”


Sarcofago – “Die…Hard” (Greyhaze Records)

Before Satan there was Sarcofago. Immortalized the world over for their extreme musical influence especially on the second generation of black metal, as well as establishing the ‘look’ of corpse paint, bullet belts and spikes, Brazil’s Sarcofago had a fearsome reputation for aggression both onstage as well as off! Formed by vocalist Wagner ‘Anti Christ’ Lamounier after being kicked out of Sepultura, starting a fierce rivalry that would last for decades, Sarcofago may be less well known and long defunct compared to their more successful rivals, but their place as gods in the underground – especially in Brazil – has never been forgotten thanks to ground breaking albums like ‘I.N.R.I’ that showcased both an extreme sound, as well as unparalleled levels of musical intensity like drummer DD Crazy’s unbelievable nuclear propelled blast beats – just check out ‘Satanic Lust’ for definitive proof! With a sound inspired by the putrescent cast offs from bands like early Celtic Frost, Destruction and Sodom, Sarcofago’s putrid, degraded sound and production would become legendary the world over even if Wagner himself ironically chose to despise it, leading to the first of many disbandments. Final collapse came in 2000, following a revolving door of line-ups, all of whom brought new influences, and an exhausted drum machine – now wonder Lamounier quit to later become a university professor in economics!!!! If the sordid, road rash history of this band wasn’t enough, Greyhaze Records now brings back all the foul memories in ‘…the official and definitive collection of demo recordings by Sarcofago..’. Spanning 20 tracks, this demo collection includes Sarcofago’s official demos “Satanic Lust” and “Christ’s Death”, never-before available demos for all other Sarcofago official albums, as well as Sarcofago’s previously unpublished first demos are all included! Visually, the album includes a 16 page booklet with photos from all stages of the band’s career and special liner notes by Lamounier himself. Shamelessly bootlegged for decades, these demos have now been restored and remastered, including material that has never before been made available, like the band’s very first demo recording. From Lamounier’s own gurgled, vomited vocals to Butcher’s foul, decayed guitar, you’ll get to see what all the fuss was about on cult songs like ‘Nightmare’ and ‘The Black Vomit’….primeval, misanthropic and just outrightly hostile, this definitive demo collection is as die hard as Sarcofago fanatics the world over!

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