SATANATH/STRIBORG “Prisoners Of The Solar System”

“Prisoners Of The Solar System”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

This split is with two bands that haven’t really impressed me that much to wanting to collect every single release from them. And with STRIBORG that is a hell of a lot of releases. But perhaps this is the release that will turn me on to these bands full on. On this split you get 5 SATANATH tracks and 6 STRIBORG ones. In the beginning I was a bit skeptical to this whole ambient thing but with artists like Mortiis and Cold Meat Industry I finally got the whole thing. Listening to the SATANATH tracks on this split is like being a drift in space. All you see is grandeur but in the back lingers a fear. As somber as they are as sinister do they feel. The STRIBORG tracks are more like being caught in a arcade game. You need to duck for all the incoming rays. As a whole this is entertaining. It made my brain work hard to connect all the dots. In the end it felt like it was a well spent break from all the brutal metal stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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