SATANIC ”Architect Of Chaos”

”Architect Of Chaos”
(Brutal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

With a name like that you don’t hardly expect any sweet AOR. Even though it would have been bloody cool if they had been just that; extremely radio friendly AOR. It would have been a massive treat to hear a radio host saying “And now for something sweet and melodic; SATANIC”. But that is in a parallel universe. I expect SATANIC to be just that, evil and hard. This is old school in how Mayhem’s “Deathcrush” is old school. Or in how Hellhammer is old school. No musical similarities though. Just the feel of it. There was a time when I totally disliked this kind of raw, primitive metal but I gotta admit that with age I’ve come to appreciate the repetitiveness of this kind of metal. Not the most challenging listen by any stretch but not without charm. Kinda like hearing some 80s Brazilian extreme metal for the first time. Anders Ekdahl

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