SATAN’S CROSS “Celebration of the Fallen”

“Celebration of the Fallen”
(Sun & Moon Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This can only be one kind of metal. The satanic kind. If it is good or bad time will tell. But with a name like that my expectations are high for this to be great. I have no previous info on this band so it is an all new experience for me. Mexican black metal is not the most current thing in my collection. To be quite honest I don’t know if I have any Mexican black metal at all in my collection. a t first I was gonna give this band a very moderate rating because I thought they were quite middle of the road but as I continued to dissect this MCD I found that it did have its moments that warranted a higher rating. This is not the most complex of black metal. they are not bringing anything new to the scene, but they do have a charm that I find interesting. This is black metal on the heavier side of things. I am struggling with bands to really compare them to but soundwise they are close to Darkthrones earlier black metal albums and that whole Norwegian 90s black metal sound. This one was a grower. Anders Ekdahl

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