Satan’s Host – “Pre-Dating God Parts 1 & 2”

Satan’s Host – “Pre-Dating God Parts 1 & 2” 2CD (Moribund Records)

Totally insane man – if one album wasn’t enough then try two!!! Denver cultsters Satan’s Host, made up of long time underground legends Patrick Evil and Jag Panzer / Titan Force screamer Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin, return with a double album made up of 13 blistering new tracks. Mavericks if there were any, Satan’s Host have defied the odds – indeed the forces of nature – in delivering the same blackish power metal that started back in 1986 with the release of their debut “Metal From Hell”. It’s sure to rile up critics (probably just the way the band like to anyway ha ha) with scarcely any signs of progression other than in using modern production technology and their own increased musical capability. Indeed, I would say the band actually sound better now that ever before from Conklin’s faultless falsetto delivery that screams and wails with its air raid siren power threatening to blow your eardrums throughout the album as Evil’s masterful true metal riffing, exotic breaks and diabolically dextrous solos certainly allow him to live up to his name (and featured artist at Schecter Guitars) with his well deserved cult recognition! Bringing up the rear comes Evil Hobbit Lopez’s power from hell drumming that once again pummels it perfectly between power and technicality in the true heavy metal vein. When these three musical maestros are unleashed on tracks like ‘Valley Of Blood’, ‘Fanning The Flames Of Hell’ and ‘As The Dead, They Sleep’ you appreciate the cult sound that is perfected to be all their own. Cheesy to their detractors, confusing to modernists, and yet seventh heaven to those who can appreciate this retro style for what it is i.e. an early amalgamation of what were then the acorns of today’s established self styled genres, Satan’s Host close to three decades on are not just delivering cult true metal to the masses but bolder and better than before!

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