Satan’s Host – “Virgin Sails”


Satan’s Host – “Virgin Sails” (Moribund Cult)

Wow, it must be Christmas – not just one, but two presents from two classic eras of metal! Moribund Cult were one of the most regarded underground labels back in the 90s, and whilst I’m not sure what happened to them over the years it’s certainly great to see their return with high priest Odin still commanding! If that wasn’t enough then a release from 80s cult band Satan’s Host is definitely enough to send fans of US occult metal into immediate worship at the mere mention of these gods!! Although formed back in the late 70s by guitarist Patrick Evil who later hooked up with Leviathan Thisiren, aka Harry “Tyrant” Conklin (Jag Panzer, Titan Force) Satan’s Host released their first album “Metal From Hell” in 1986 to huge underground acclaim. Mixing a variety of styles from late 70s heavy occult rock to 80s US Metal to speed metal with lyrics based on Satanism and fantasy, Satan’s Host encompass a quarter of a century’s worth of true metal history in the breathtaking metallic majesty of songs like ‘ Vaporous of the Blood’, ‘Of Beast and Men’ and ‘Island of the Giant Ants’. Bringing the band full circle to its beginnings, Conklin as usual adds in his stupendous vocals, on the one hand giving King Diamond a serious run for this money in the wailing stakes while adding his own dark bestial style during others to suit the equally tempestuous mood of the music, varying from epic to operatic to racing fast. Keeping time magnificently is Anthony ‘Evil Hobbit’ Lopez, who is ever the classic metal drummer, mixing his speed with precision and technicality to add both faithful backing as well as creative flair to the already rich sound of Satan’s Host. If you want to know what pure heavy metal in all its glory sounds like then look no farther than “Virgin Sails”!

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