Satan’s Satyrs – “Die Screaming”


Satan’s Satyrs – “Die Screaming” (Bad Omen Records)

Hot off their success at Roadburn comes the grindhouse doom of Satan’s Satyrs! Inspired by some fool’s entire collection of trashy pulp 60s n 70s schlock movies, Satan’s Satyrs sought – and pretty well succeeded – in putting together a band in all their cheese n glory that should be designated a Biosafety Level 4 contaminant. I mean, where the fuck do I begin?!!? From the loon pants to the velvet shirts and the outrageous hippy afros – and this is the least offensive part – I can only cringe at Clayton Burgess’s off the wall girly vocals before a ton of fuzz n wah befitting some far out biker movie comes crashing in courtesy of Jarrett Nettnin and Fairfield’s psychedelic apocalypse now drumming takes full effect. Of course there’s heaps of feedback, along with creepy Hammer House Of Horror organs and tablas – bloody tablas who the fuck else uses them these days – on ghoulish songs like ‘Instruments of Hellfire‘, ‘Show Me Your Skull’ and the plodding epic title track (which reminds me of the theme from 1977’s ‘The Car’) that play like a bad acid trip from start to finish on this prehistoric n proud to be relic resurrecting the very worst from the underground video dungeons and the where-are-they-now film bins. Already buddies with that other doom insane crew Electric Wizard and having received their Knights in Satan’s Service blessing from Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling himself, Satan’s Satyrs are already on the black top screaming their way to you –  and hippydom will never be the same again!

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