Satan’s Satyrs – “Don’t Deliver Us”


Satan’s Satyrs – “Don’t Deliver Us” (Bad Omen Records)

‘…I’ve watched Tony Iommi rip into the opening chords of ‘War Pigs’ from 30 feet away. I’ve had Bobby Liebling look me straight in the eyes as he sang ‘All Your Sins’..’. Well, that would fry anyone’s brain, just as it has done for Clayton Burgess, bassist / vocalist for Virginia psyche blizzard Satan’s Satyrs! Also currently plucking the strings for Electric Wizard, I’d say his own band takes more of a garage approach, drawing from the 70s proto doom inspiration of early Sabbath and coincidentally, Pentagram – especially in his unique, cat mew vocals that are like an unreal cross between Bobby and Ozzy! Significantly wilder in its more stripped down rawer approach, there’s at times little difference between his bass and Jarrett Nettnin’s guitar given how fuzzed up both are with only Stephen Fairfield’s caveman-on-speed drums smashing out of the jammed out frenzy on ‘Two Hands’, or the neanderthal head smashing ‘(Won’t You Be My) Gravedancer‘ and the atom splitting ‘Germanium Bomb‘, which bizarrely has a chorus sounding like Nuclear Assault’s ‘Critical Mass’ – WTF! With even more jams mixing in southern groove with spaced out wah wah the muthaload comes in the epic 8 minute closer of ‘Round The Bend’ – aptly named from its smog heavy doom noise that gives way to a funked out groove, then a jazz ensemble (!) before returning to a drawn out, warbling, headbanging groove with loads of trippy effects! As mad as a March hare – and yet also in same breath addictive beyond brilliance.

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