SATAN’S WAR MACHINE “Violent Death Abomination”

“Violent Death Abomination”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

What can you say about a band name like that. This has gotta be one hell of an album for the band to not be a total waste. If it is speed, death, thrash or death is of no matter really as long as it is a brutal as the name. Old school or no school, I don’t care if it curls my socks. That this was gonna be old school wasn’t a high better. But it was old school the way I imagined it to be. That they didn’t match my expectations all the way is no wonder but they come pretty close to what I want to hear in my old school metal; the raw cutting guitar sound, the basal production and a ferocious attack. Pretty cool. Anders Ekdahl

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