Satan’s Wrath – “Die Evil”


Satan’s Wrath – “Die Evil” (Metal Blade Records)

If this album’s title is a statement, then the monstrously tattooed, sulfur throated persona of multi-instrumentalist Tas Danazoglou certainly lives up to it! Utterly decadent in its unflinching cruelty and sheer bloody minded intensity over the course of two full-throttle platters thus far, Satan’s Wrath unleash the next blasphemous attack into the dimensions of dementia hitherto deemed beyond the pale. Viscerally re-capturing the essence of black / thrash as pioneered by the likes of Venom, Hellhammer, Possessed and early Slager-esque Slayer, there are absolutely no slow songs here, indicating huge consumptions of speed – or feta cheese – in delivering demented ditties like ‘Coffinlust’, ‘A Mindless Servant Of Satan‘ and ‘Castle Of Torment’. Either way, it’s all ugly and totally evil from the raw, tinny guitar sound of Stamos K to the foul, muffled vocals of Danazoglou – along with his weaponized bass. ‘V’ does try to add some cool insanely wailing solos but any attempt at getting any more sophisticated is soon quashed mercilessly by Kostas’s pummeling drum work. Clearly talent is not a winning factor in this band! In the old the days the lack of finesse was down to genuine reasons of work in progress musicianship, piss poor production, lack of funding and moreover a disbelief in the styles of these aforementioned pioneering bands, who struggled against immense odds to deliver what some take for granted these days. In the case of Satan’s Wrath however, there is just a desire to re-create all these factors just to be dirtiest scumbags from hell. Even Satan himself could not be that evil. 

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