Satan’s Wrath – “Galloping Blasphemy”

Satan’s Wrath – “Galloping Blasphemy” (Metal Blade Records)

‘…now that the thousand-faced moon is risen, Satan’s Wrath is upon thee..’ – lol, not withstanding the Beelzeblurb, this Greek duo of Tas Danazoglou (Vocals, Drums, Bass) and Stamos K (Guitars) have produced one helluva catchy album that embodies what heavy metal par excellence is all about! Haunting vocals, razor ripping riffs, insane soloing and a manic rhythm set the pace on racy songs like ‘Between Belial and Satan’, ‘Slaves of the Inverted Cross’ and ‘Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer’. Despite their overtly Satanic theme, funnily enough I wouldn’t classify these guys as such – well no more so than Venom or Possessed were back in their day – but would certainly say that “Galloping Blasphemy” has all the hallmarks of a worthy contender to Venom’s immortal ‘Black Metal’!

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