SATHANAS “Necrohymns”

(Transcending Obscurity Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I think that I have seen this band’s name in writing a couple of times. But I cannot remember ever having heard a single note from them. But that is all changed with this new album out on Indian Transcending Obscurity Records. This is death metal with a groove. Mno, it is not meldodeath or even melodic death metal. This is down right dirty and dark death metal. the groove is in the tempo. This is not ultra fast. The r´tempo is more rock’n’roll than anything else. Kinda like a Motörhead gone death metal. And I like it. Sure, I am a speed freak but when it is done as good as this I have no problem with my death metal being slow and heavy. This is another of those bands that I wish I had searched out much earlier as this is to good to be missed. Anders Ekdahl

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