Although this is an Italian band I see before me a vast desert landscape (no it is not a spaghetti western) and some lonely dudes standing against a setting sun. I might be totally wrong in assuming that this will something close to stoner. If so I’ll revise my whole argument. With a sound and a look that is so late 60s/early 70s this lot make bands like Trouble seem positively happy-go-lucky. This is slow, sad and so bloody great. I love my Black Sabbath. There is nothing that even remotely touches those 70s albums they did before Ozzy left the first time. This is the kind of stuff that you could easily have found on Rise Above Records. I really don’t know what else there is to write about this or why you are still reading and why you haven’t rushed out to buy this album. Now leave me alone to enjoy this marvellous album. Anders Ekdahl

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