SATURNUS “Saturns In Ascension”

“Saturn In Ascension”
(Cyclone Empire)
I liked Danish Saturnus from the very first note I heard from them back in the late 90s. I tried keeping up with them but sadly lost touch with them after an EP they did. So I haven’t heard the two albums they’ve done in between the first album and this their fourth one. I do know though that they have moved on from the rather My Dying Bride heavy debut album to something more organic. I’m looking forward to hearing this new album. If I thought that this was going to be like Opeth’s acoustic album then I was wrong. This is as heavy as I remembered them to be. The is just as My Dying Bride heavy as it used to be. This is the kind of death/doom that I like the most. This is slow, heavy and melancholic like there is no tomorrow. This is music to the accompany doomsday. Armageddon please come so I can use this as the soundtrack. Anders Ekdahl

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