SAULT ”Seeds Of Power”

”Seeds Of Power”

Battle Helm Rating

I have never ever been star struck. I don’t really care who’s in a band. All I really care about is if they are any good. The members of SAULT might have impressive CV’s but that doesn’t mean shit if they suck. Thankfully this does not suck. It is in fact really good. I don’t really know why but up popped a Swedish band by the name of Mental Hippie Blood when I heard this the first time. I also managed to pluck out Mindfunk too from deep inside my mind. I laos come to think of more power metal-ish bands when i listen to this. There is an over all grungy feel to this that I find really cool. Groovy as hell and with some really cool melodies this was a nice surprise. This one will spin some more in my house. Anders Ekdahl

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