SAUTRUS “Kuelmaggah Mysticism – The Prologue”

“Kuelmaggah Mysticism – The Prologue”
This is another one that I don’t know much about, if anything. But as always I’m game for anything once. This could turn out to be a must buy kind of record. Or not. Any which way I’m in for an experience that could go any way really. I have no clue what The Devil’s Blood are about but I somehow get an impression that SAUTRUS follow in the hardrock-ish tradition that The Devil’s Blood, Witchcraft, Graveyard and a handful of other bands operate within; that of a very 70s kind of sound. Almost bluesy without being blues. SAUTRUS wasn’t what I expected them to be. I had my mind set on something a bit more contemporary but as it turned out this is some pretty cool stuff. There is a slight kinship with Witchfynde’s “Give em Hell” album. I like this and want to know more about the band. Anders Ekdahl

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