SAVAGE ANNIHILATION “Cannibalisme, heresie et autre sauvageries”

“Cannibalisme, heresie et autre sauvageries”
French death metal, well French metal period is a curious beast. The French have always been known for going their own way in pretty much everything they do and they are no different when it comes to metal. From the very first time I got into metal I knew that when I’d come upon an album by a French metal band I’d be in for some special. I really hope that is still true with Savage Annihilation. I don’t know if this would be the soundtrack to the apocalypse but it sure would fit a zombie attack. There is a gore feeling to this whole album even though the lyrics are in French. You could easily imagine the zombies roaming the fields in southern France looking for fresh meat to devour when you listen to this death metal attack. This is pretty much what I imagined this album would sound like. Instead of taking the straight path Savage Annihilation take the tricky nature route, the one that twist and turn like there’s no tomorrow making you all dizzy in the head. More death metal in the Cannibal Corpse school for you guys out there that like me enjoy this kind of metal. Anders Ekdahl

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