Savage Machine – “Through The Iron Forest”


Savage Machine – “Through The Iron Forest” EP (

The sound of 80’s metal is back!!!! A bold statement indeed from these plucky Danes who used to be known as Momentum but probably after finding a million other namesake band sensibly changed their name heh heh. Despite the proclamation, Savage Machine are by no means either a retro NWOBHM or ‘true’ metal band. Still, they are heavily influenced by Bruce Dickinson era Iron Maiden although truth be told the deep, epic melodies also reminded me of Riot and the overall sound is actually pretty modern. Propelled by Troels Rasmussen’s clean, soaring vocals which have a hint of Seb Bach in his screams, the twin guitars of Jacob Vestergaard Druedahl Bruun (wot a name lol – Ed) and Simon Poulsen bring on the no nonsense riffs that when warbling together sound like Murray n Smith, but elsewhere are more epic and in the dueling spirit of Hammerfall, especially on galloping songs like ‘Prisoners Of War’, ‘Iron Forest’ and the raw n brooding ‘The Final March’. Although not pioneering any new sounds, Savage Machine offer fresh breath to an old style in their modern take of 80s metal but their saving grace is both their high caliber musicianship and more importantly, the no frills honesty of their music.

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