Savage Master – “With Whips And Chains”


Savage Master – “With Whips And Chains” (High Roller Records)

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Wow, with a name like that you’d be expecting something along the lines of Judas Priest, Savage Grace and Nasty Savage – which Savage Master certainly is – except in the case of this Kentucky five piece, the ‘master’ is actually a leather clad mistress called Stacey ‘Savage’ Peak! With a true metal sound drawing heavily from the early 80s, I’d also say that early femme fronted metal bands like Bitch and Acid from Belgium also inspire greatly especially in the case of Mis(stress) Peak – indeed her look is pretty close to Betsy during Bitch’s ‘Be My Slave’ era and soundwise Kate De Lombaert from Acid with her powerful singing and turbo charged wails. Likewise, the music also takes from the Belgian speed metallers, with its fast n raw sound adding weight to the simple but catchy riffs and stampeding rhythm complemented by faux satanic lyrics on songs like the racy ‘Ready To Sin’, the shout it out ‘With Whips And Chains’ and the chugging ‘Vengeance Is Steel’. Formed only 3 years ago, two full US tours and festival appearances following their debut “Mask Of The Devil” have seen Savage Master rise impressively to this sophomore and poised to take on yet another tour, this time in Europe where the true metal legions of denim n leather are certain to lap this up as surely now as they did back in the day!

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