SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER “The Familiar/The Decay ”

“The Familiar/The Decay ”
(Bullet Tooth)

Battle Helm Rating

Don’t know what clock tower it is that needs being saved but this made me think of the movie Clockwise starring John Cleese where he plays a principal with a meticulous fixation with time. Don’t know how timed this is going to be. This turned out to be so much more extreme than I thought it would be. I kinda expected some sort of melodic alt metal/metalcore type of thing but this totally blew me away from the word go. This is alt metal/post metal/metalcore/call it what you like but there is such an edge to it that I for one is a convinced follower. This is nowhere near easy listening. Don’t know what they are angry with but I am sure glad that they channel that anger through music. With more releases like this I too might be a true follower of this variant of metal. Anders Ekdahl

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