Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know if there is any clever word play involved in this band’s name but if there is it has gone past me in a thousand miles. I don’t see the cleverness of the name at all. But that aside I have really high hopes on this album after having read up on their previous efforts. This could very well be this week’s high light. This is SAWTHIS fourth album but my first encounter with them and I gotta say that that first riff really got me hooked. It felt like hearing Sepultura’s “Beneath The Remains” the first time. But as the first song progressed it all got very modern with clean singing. Although this is an Italian band they have a sound that could confuse them for a Swedish band. I have heard this kind of sound so many times already but when it is done this well even I am forced to admit that it is good stuff. The melodic parts with clean vocals don’t bother me as much as they usually do. There is an energy to this that is hard to resist. Anders Ekdahl

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