Scarecell – “New Horizons”


Scarecell – “New Horizons” EP (

New on the Finnish scene is Scarecell, who are made up of members of My Reflection and Ethrone The Unborn, not to mention well known guitar player and keyboardist Petja Haapaniemi, here instead taking the lead vocalist slot. Clearly aiming at the Parkway Drive / Linkin Park nu metal(core) market expect plenty of tender emo vocals mixed with screamo in a melancholic, heartfelt groove on this 4 tracker EP. Taking off from where their “Empire Falls” single released earlier this year left, “New Horizons” goes further in showing different sides of the band with plenty of melodic arena rock and strong electric influences all naturally with a distinct Scandi sound! Opener ‘Buried Alive’ literally blasts into you with its passionate Prime STH riffola and some hoarse / soulful vocals and its crowd chanting shout outs as Haapaniemi works himself into a Dez Fafara state chanting ‘..more and more and more..’ – excellent! Next up is the electro emo of ‘The Fire (We Start)’ with the melodies and harmonies flowing excellently around the hoarse vocals and smashing drums in a real teen angst heartfelt moment. ‘Lay Down Forever’ is definitely the most commercial track with its gentle teen ballad style mixed with some restrained harsh vocals amid some soft piano work – one for those in love (or breakup) moments! With its futuristic melodies and uplifting energy ‘Reach’ is a great way to close this EP as the dual harsh / soulful vocals work in harmony to the up tempo beat driven by Petri Inkinen’s drums. Certainly some talented musicianship here, and even if somewhat unoriginal in its sound, there’s no denying the catchiness of the songs here!

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