I have no idea what the band name is supposed to mean but I like it. It works in my eyes. This German band is another death metal band. I for one can’t get enough of death metal, melodic or otherwise. So one more band like that is like the icing on my cake. I got a sweet tooth. This turned out so much heavier than I expected. There is not much of the melodic death metal that I expected from it. Instead this is death metal that has more in common with the ultra brutal thrash that bands like Legion Of The Damned plays. I like to call this type of metal for deathrash. I feel that sums it all up in the best possible way. There is a bloody great go to this album. You’ll be gasping for air after you’ve listened to it. It’s like a great work out pass listening to this album. It is nice to every now and then feel exhausted. Anders Ekdahl

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