SCENT OF DEATH “Of Martyrs’ Agony And Hate”

”Of Martyrs’ Agony And Hate”
(Pathological Explicit)
Just from looking at the cover to this album I got the impression that this is gonna be a massive blow of death metal. I could do with some really cool dark murky underground rumblings. I feel that a massive wave of death metal is what I need right now. And this is just that. Death metal just like Immolation, Incantation or any other American band in the same league. And I love it. Don’t know what it is with this kind of primordial death metal, this caveman kind of assault on the senses that makes me like it so much. Perhaps it is because you don’t have to think too much when you listen to this. You just sit back and let your head be thrown all over the place by the massive blast that is this kind of death metal. I knew nothing of SCENT OF DEATH before I heard this album. Now I can’t live without them. Anders Ekdahl

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