SCEPTOR “Take Command”

“Take Command”
(High Roller Records)
Sceptor has been going for some time now but I think that this is my first encounter with them. I have to check my register to see if I’m wrong but my memory says that this is our first tete-a-tete. Somehow I kinda expect this to be thrash the same way Kreator, Destruction or Sodom were thrash in the 80s. I really wish that it is true because I could do with some really great German thrash metal right about now. Truth be told this was nowhere near Sodom, Destruction or Kreator. This is much more heavy metal in nature than anything else. Nothing wrong with that. And like the title says Sceptor took command from the intro and on with a very German sounding approach to heavy metal. Strong on melody and with choruses that could stick given a spin or two more this turned out to be a nice enough metal album. Not the disappointment I’d thought with it not being another dose of German thrash. Anders Ekdahl

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