SCHWARZER ENGEL “Schwarze Sonne”

“Schwarze Sonne”
This is only an EP as an in-betweener between albums but it still might give us an idea of where SCHWARZER ENGEL are heading musically on the new album. I get a feeling that there are bands that are more of an internal German affair than others and SCHWARAZER ENGEL is one of these bands. And not having heard a single note of music from this band prior to receiving this EP makes me approach this with fresh ears. That they sing in German might make people think of Rammstein. And while there might be a slight whiff of that band in SCHWARZER ENGEL’s sound they are so much more than that. This is the kind of gothic metal that Theatre of Tragedy might have ended up with had they not gone all electronic on us for a bit. Anders Ekdahl

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