SCOLOPENDRA CINGULATA “Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah ”

“Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah ”
(More Hate Productions / Narcoleptica Prod)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know if I can name too many bands from Kazakhstan. I can hardly point it out on a map let alone name drop any metal bands. But this black metal combo are from that place. So I know of at least one band. There used to be a time when you really could hear where a band came from but that is a time long gone. You’d never tell where this band comes from just listening to the music. They have that 90s Norwegian black metal sound to them that so many bands still follow. And I’m not complaining. Not when it is as well done as on this EP. This is just the way you want your Norwegian black metal to be played. Anders Ekdahl

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