Scorpion Child – “Scorpion Child”

Scorpion Child – “Scorpion Child” (Nuclear Blast)

Following in the recent revival of 70s hard rock n heavy metal comes Scorpion Child – an’ all from Texas y’all! If I thought The Answer and Rival Sons sounded like Zepp then vocalist Aryn Jonathan Black is probably one of Robert Plant’s unplanned tour creations so close is he to the legendary singer. Besides the heavy take on the 70s with plenty of raw rock guitar graced with wah, deep bass and solid drums (not forgetting those hippy afros lol – Ed) Scorpion Child also try to corner the psych rock market with plenty of trippy riffs thru songs like ‘King’s Highway’, ‘In The Arms Of Ecstasy’ and the simply chooging ‘Paradigm’ with its upbeat tempo – not exactly pure stoner although you’d certainly appreciate it if you were down to your last weed heh heh. I haveta say that of all the revival bands these guys are the best as their music has a very natural feel to it and isn’t really retro but sort’ve a modern take on those 70s classics – so can you dig it man?

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