Scott Ian – “Swearing Words In Glasgow”

Scott Ian

Scott Ian – “Swearing Words In Glasgow” DVD (Megaforce Records)

Scott ‘Not’ Ian is a man who needs no introduction as the co founder guitarist of Anthrax who built his band up into one of the ‘Big 4’ thrash metal acts in history. Less well known is the man himself, and having interviewed Ian a few years back and gotten minimalist answers I did wonder if a spoken word tour was perhaps a step in the wrong direction? Boy was I in for a shock! Firstly, “Spoken” – nay – “Swearing Words In Glasgow” is not Ian doing a Mike Tyson style stand up routine but rather reminiscing with surprising down to earth honesty on the key defining moments in his musical life. It isn’t about Anthrax per se, nor about his personal life other than his early years getting inspired to form his legendary band, but rather those memories over the last 30 years that musicians only usually only share with each other and the public rarely get to hear about. Such as what you may ask? Well, how about how when he first met Lemmy – his hero – whilst on his first promo tour in London in the 80s, he got so drunk he crapped his pants and then had to be carried on the plane to Munich by then mentor Johnny Zazula, finally being hospitalized before waking up none the wiser to his shitty ass ha ha! Better still, as his alter ego ‘Baldini’, he tells us why he thinks Blackie Lawless is an asshole!! There are certainly tender moments – all told in a typical Jewish ‘Oy Vey’ manner – such as the crying moment with Kiss’s Gene Simmons where Gene talks about his miserable childhood in New York, an immigrant son from Israel who couldn’t speak english and was bullied relentlessly, only finding solace in Disney’s Jiminy Cricket – which he of course couldn’t pronounce properly – as Jimmy Cricket. One of the key memories has to be about the immortalized Dimebag, who actually winds Ian up by getting Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams to call pretending to be Sebastian Bach having a nervous breakdown (if only – Ed) – only for Ian to get him back later by getting his label to say that Dimebag’s famed Washburn Crown Royal guitar had been stolen, then pawned onto Ian, who now wanted $10,000 for it back from the by now fuming Pantera guitarist – priceless ha ha! Having married Meat Loaf’s daughter in more recent years has opened up circles for Ian at celebrity levels so there are stories about confessing to Steven Spielberg that he thought ‘A.I.’ stood for ‘Anal Intruder’ and sharing a room with Ted Nugent (and 50 guns) whilst doing Supergroup. Ian tells it in Glasgow, probably the most rabid city for Anthrax outside of the US, and it is as impossible to ignore for over an hour just as when I first saw those guys when I was sixteen.

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