Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts – “Blaster”


Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts – “Blaster” (earMUSIC)

Spanning a career of three decades and 44 million album sales, Scott Weiland is well known as being the vocalist of the Stone Temple Pilots and later, the super group Velvet Revolver. Since then he’s gone his own way with now with his new group in the Wildabouts in releasing “Blaster”, an album that he describes as ‘furry’. Well, I haveta agree with the two time Grammy winning, multi-platinum selling songwriter/vocalist! Unlike his prior solo releases, which were more experimental, “Blaster” lives up to its name in being a full on rock record, taking in a number of styles including the alt grunge of STP on ‘Modzilla’ and the modern hard rock of Velvet like on ‘Bleed Out’ as well as a whole lot more including the flower rock of ‘Parachute’ and an amazingly heavy cover of  T Rex’s ’20th Century Boy’ right from its dirty guitars to the huge, fuzzed out bass – no wonder Weiland’s got a ghetto blaster on the cover – cos it’s so damn loud! Just to show his measure though as an all around vocalist, there’s equal quality to be found in the gentle acoustic banjo closer of ‘Circles’ and the slow, swampy blues stomp of ‘White Lightning’, written right after Weiland saw the film ‘Lawless’. With a new leaner, meaner band and a more retro-modern sound favoring it, “Blaster” is everything as described by the man himself – heavy, slinky and most of all, too damn sexy.

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