Screaming Shadows – “Night Keeper”

Screaming Shadows
“Night Keeper”
(Jolly Roger Records)

Wow, I hope this album gets wider attention because it is a power / classical metal album par excellence! Screaming Shadows are a little known Italian band despite this being their 3rd album but I hope “Night Keeper” cracks it for them because it truly rates a triple A: superb musicianship in all depts; intelligent song arrangements; excellent use of melodies and most of all, played with passion and style! Screaming Shadows take inspiration from the heavy metal greats like Maiden in their foundation and then add power or classic or symphonic elements from Rhapsody or Edguy to create exquisite songs like ‘Holy Knights’, ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Free Again’. These guys are so confident that 3 of the 12 tracks are instrumentals no less, but when you play a guitar like Frances Marras does, why worry LOL! Definitely a superior album, Screaming Shadows must rank as a strong contender for being Italy’s numero uno metal band!

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