SCYLLA “Pestilence, War, Famine And Death”

“Pestilence, War, Famine And Death”
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I’ve had this album from Polish SCYLLA for some time now without acting on it. Not that I thought that this will be totally crap but because I’ve had so many other releases to go through before time opened up for this one. In my mind I’ve set this one up to be a rather good metal record. Hopefully reality will back me up on that one. I’d classify this as a thrashy death metal album with a technical touch to it. Maybe a tad progressive too. Throw in some Fear Factory feel too and you get a pretty good picture of what this sounds like. I like that robotic staccato feel that SCYLLA has going for them. This is the kind of metal that you could mosh to. Like a line dance version for metal. I could see a huge sea of headbangers moving simultaneous to this kind of metal. Another cool Polish metal act. Anders Ekdahl

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