SCYTHIA “…Of Exile”

“…Of Exile”
I’m sorry but to me there’s only one band that is folk, epic, dark whatever metal and that is Bathory. If you’re into any of these sub-genres you only need to turn your attention to Bathory for fulfilment. All the other bands are just mediocre clones of a perfect amalgamation. Did I offend you, did I? You want to argue that the Finnish school of folk/epic metal is so much better. In that case I’ll give you Canadian Scythia. Everything about their appearance scream folk metal. From the album covers to the costumes to the music. The thing I like about folk metal is the great emotions the music is built around. Be it the bravery of men in battle or the hardship of just surviving life, it all manifest itself in the glory and grandeur of the music. So if folk metal is your thing check out Scythia. You will not be disappointed. Anders Ekdahl

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