SEAGALL “Hidden Ego”

“Hidden Ego”
I am not very good at listening to instrumental albums. I have no greater knowledge of guitar playing and can therefore not judge the technical skill. But then again that is not why I listen to metal. I could care less about technical proficiency. I care more for the songs and the vibe they send out. And this is the kind of guitar album that I like. Where the songs are more important than how fast you can move your fingers up and down the neck of the guitar. Which is why I like Joe Satriani more than I like Steve Vai, even though I have a soft spot for Yngwie Malmsteen. This is the kind of album that doesn’t give you a guilty conscious because you suck at playing the guitar. Instead you can enjoy this the way you enjoy a Bach or Beethoven record. SEAGALL impressed me enough to wanting to listen to this album more than once. Anders Ekdahl

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