SEAMOUNT “Earthmother”

(The Church Within)
I kinda expect this to be a very nautical journey. I don’t mind if I get splashed by the waves of a turmoil sea. I kinda expect this to be a ride that goes up and down like a rollercoaster ride. If it’s one that is on acid or just a straight one only time will tell. I’m not a big fan of Mastodon simply because I haven’t listened to them enough to pass any sort of judgment but I get the same kind of vibe from this album as I get from reading about Mastodon (all other comparisons aside). From the get go this album switch moods from the somber to the chaotic (well relatively). I like that kind of journey in music when done well. There is more of a hardrock feel to this album than I had expected. I like that. It gives it an edge that is so necessary for it to stand out. And stand out it does. And only in good ways. I’ll keep listening to this even after the noise has died down. Anders Ekdahl

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