SECRET SOCIETY “The Introduction”

“The Introduction”

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18 months of song writing and demoing has led up to this 5 track EP. Featuring a whole host of known vocalists this is somewhat of an all-star project featuring the singers Rick Altzi (MASTERPLAN, HERMAN FRANK), Ronny Munroe (ex METAL CHURCH, TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, MUNROES´S THUNDER), Paul Sabu (ALICE COOPER, DAVID BOWIE, MADONNA), Troy Norr (THEM) and Joe Baskett (SHY, TONY MILLS). What I like about this is that it is not tame, it is not any weak shit. There is an attitude to this that leaves no prisoners. It slays everything in its way. That is an attitude that I like. This is heavy metal no matter if anybody says different. This turned out to be a really cool release and I am looking forward to hearing more from this. Anders Ekdahl

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