SECRETPATH “The Wanderer”

“The Wanderer”
I liked Italian Secretpath’s previous demo. I found their clash of death and black to be quite enjoyable. With a new demo in my hand the expectations are higher this time. Will they be able to match or even surpass the previous one? Italian black metal is not my strong side. I haven’t heard too many bands of that ilk coming from the Italian metal scene. Those that have come my way have so far been worth my time. What I found strange was that I came to think of early Necrodeath when I heard this new demo the first time round. There is something to this band that I really like, especially their early stuff. Secretpath brought out that same feeling. For that they get plus points. This five tracker turned out to be everything I had hoped for and some more. This is (still) pretty cool death/black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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