SECRETS OF THE SKY “To Sail Black Waters”

“To Sail Black Waters”
(Gravedancer Records)
I have absolutely no expectation on this band. It is with a totally open mind that I take this on. It could end up sounding like anything or nothing. It could be the greatest thing since sliced bread or it could be the worst kind of ear torture. Right now I couldn’t care any which way it goes. I’m just glad that I’ll get a chance to hear it. It is hard to get a really good idea of a band based on just three tracks but given the length of the songs on this release you get a pretty good idea. I gotta admit that this wasn’t anywhere near what I thought it would be. Instead of the Mastodon-ish metal I kinda expected this turned out much more black metal. I don’t really have any specific band to actually compare this to but I get a Wolves In The Throne Room spiritual feel about this. Whatever this might be I like it. There is a sense of mystery about it that just adds to the experience. Anders Ekdahl

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