SECTILE “Falls Apart”

“Falls Apart”

Battle Helm Rating

Yet another band that is brand spanking new to me. I will never ever tire of writing that sentence because I love discovering new bands. I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty with this one even though I don’t know what treat I am in for. To start with I have to say that the sort of music this bands play is hard for me to label properly. And yes, I need to catalogue the stuff that I listen to into boxes. But this one I am not really sure where to put. I want to say Tool but that isn’t true. It is atmospheric and it does rock, but I am not too sure about it. In a way I want to say Isis but there is too much an angry edge to this. If I read the press sheet it says that they play prog metal, but I have a hard time hearing any of the usual prog metal references. This one feels like of those grower kinda albums. Anders Ekdahl

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