SEEDS OF IBLIS “Anti Quran Rituals”

“Anti Quran Rituals”
(Unmerciful Death)
I remember seeing an EP by this band released by some French obscure underground label a while back. I didn’t buy it because of lack of funds but now that there is a CD out I get to hear this Arabic black metal band. The Muslims are displayed one dimensional as terrorists by most media but SEEDS OF IBLIS proves that there too are a resistance among the young against what they see as an ancient and suppressing thought of life. I’m not going to say that this will be so much better or truer just because it comes from a band that operates in an almost totalitarian society but I would also lie if I didn’t say that some of the charm about this band are its origin. Musically this is raw, primitive bordering chaotic black metal. With a sound that mimics the cutting of stone SEEDS OF IBLIS picks up where Darkthrone and Burzum left off before they set out on different trails. Not the most elaborate of musical outings but with enough power to set the world afire SEEDS OF IBLIS proves to be a force to reckon with. Anders Ekdahl

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