SEETHE “Through Conviction”

“Through Conviction”
Seethe sounds like a combination of metal and hardcore. This while not being a metalcore act. Or is that this is what hardcore sounds like today? All I know is that I like this. There is something to this that makes me smile. I can’t help thinking back to a The Haunted with Marco Aro on vocals. There is something to this that makes me think Swedish thrash meeting American hardcore. For the moment it escapes me where this band has its origin but that is secondary really, although I get a strong British feel for it. What matters is that this is the kind of extreme music, be it hardcore, metal or a combo of them all, that I can fully enjoy. This is the kind of music that I can drive to, listen to in the bath or just mosh like a madman in my living room. Cool stuff all the way through. Anders Ekdahl

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