SEKTARISM ” La Mort de l’Infidèle”

” La Mort de l’Infidèle”
(Zanjeer Zani Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

French drone/funeral doom? I have my suspicions what this is gonna be like. And it can be either bird, fish or in between. It did start out the way I thought it might. Very dramatic and theatric. With a drone like ambience. To some extremely pretentious. To me, just interesting. But by the second track it kinda drags itself out of the drone state and start becoming more funeral doom. This is not the stuff you put on when you have a party. To be honest I have no idea in what state of mind you have to be to listen to this. Other than a massive interest in funeral doom and drone I have a hard time seeing who this would appeal to. That it appeals to me doesn’t say a lot as I am rather damaged in liking this kind of overly dramatic music. Anders Ekdahl

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